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Do the CFPB's Integrated Mortgage Disclosures Apply to Cash Transactions?

While the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new integrated mortgage disclosures, which the industry must start using Aug. 1, 2015, only apply to most consumer mortgages, we've received questions about whether the HUD-1 will remain applicable for cash transactions.

The CFPB's final rule combines the disclosures required under the Truth in Lending and Real Estate Settlement Procedures acts. Both of these laws apply only to mortgage or credit transactions. Federal law does not require the use of the HUD-1 or the new Closing Disclosure in all cash transactions.

While some states have laws requiring the use of a state promulgated form in cash transactions, in general the HUD-1, the Closing Disclosure or any other settlement statement can be used in cash transactions.

Additionally, the final rule for integated mortgage disclosures, does not apply to these transactions:

  • Commercial
  • Home-equity lines of credit
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Mortgages secured by a mobile home or dwelling not attached to land

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