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Online Tool Can Help Improve Title Shop Efficiency

Evernote Business   Evernote for your company   Evernote

Evernote Business Notebook in iOS 8

In part one, I introduced the basics of Evernote.  In part two, we will look closely at Evernote Business and the opportunities available for title industry professionals. 

Evernote Business creates a collaborative, shared workspace for an organization. Unlike Evernote Basic or Evernote Premium, Evernote Business incorporates an admin component that controls users within the account. The admin feature allows the company to maintain control of the data no matter how the team changes. Billing is also handled from a single point of contact. Evernote Business costs $10/month per user. Notes can contain 100MB of data, four times the amount allowed in Evernote Basic, allowing for high-res images and large files.  Evernote Business also comes with upgraded support designed to accelerate adoption.

One of my favorite Evernote uses is as a mobile distribution channel. Evernote allows for easy sharing of content in notes from phones/tablets to customers. Compare this to attempting to access a network marketing folder while in the field, and there’s no contest. Evernote wins.


A few examples of items to distribute are marketing flyers, articles of industry interest and videos. These items do not need to be protected behind secured firewalls. This does not mean Evernote takes security lightly, however. Data is protected by industry-standard TLS/SSL encryption and two-step verification.

As Evernote becomes the resource for information storage and creation, team members will be notified of similar content in other company notes. Forget re-inventing the wheel. Evernote Business simplifies collaboration among staff. Annotation and editing are available in notes as well. Also, Evernote has a built-in presentation mode. This allows team members to share content within the team or with clients without leaving Evernote for a presentation program.

Evernote is building a one stop workspace. No more attaching documents to emails for review or revision. No more creating presentations in another program.  Evernote makes it easy to add content to new or existing notes. 

Evernote communicate

Chat is built-in to Evernote Business. Productivity goes up when more can be done within one program.  

With the cloud-based capabilities of Evernote Business, it becomes a viable solution for smaller agency operations instead of expensive, cumbersome CRM products. It does not have all of the functionality of SalesForce or InfusionSoft. It does easily share content out to the sales team in the field, control access, add reminders to relevant notes and quickly collect business card information by snapping a picture.

Finally, becoming proficient with Evernote has an added benefit for any title operation.  In my experience, many clients and potential clients are hungry for help with Evernote implementation.  Adding value to the relationship by sharing a bit of knowledge is easy and cost effective. Improving your organization’s productivity and becoming a valuable resource for your customers is a no brainer. 

For more information, visit evernote.com/business.

RisserBill Risser is vice president of new media and education for Chicago Title Agency. He can be reached at 602-667-1000 or
 [email protected]. Risser spoke at ALTA’s 2015 Social Media Summit in Philadelphia, on how to manage your online reputation.







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