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ALTA to Host TRID Townhall on Facebook

TRIDTownhall 2

ALTA will host a TRID Townhall on its Facebook page beginning at 11 a.m. ET on Tuesday, July 28, to share what industry participants should be doing now to prepare for the implementation of the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures rule.

Participating in the live event will be:

  • Diane Evans NTP, ALTA president; vice president, Land Title Guarantee Co.
  • Dan Mennenoh, ALTA Board member; president, H.B. Wilkinson Title Co.
  • Bill Burding, ALTA Board member; EVP/general counsel, Orange Coast Title Co.

During the townhall, the participants will offer advice on what TRID readiness looks like, how ALTA members can keep employees energized for implementation and the small details that may fall through the cracks leading up to Oct. 3.

The TRID Townhall will be livestreamed exclusively on ALTA’s Facebook page. To attend, simply “like” ALTA on Facebook. Also, make sure you "join the event" on ALTA's Facebook page so you receive a reminder to attend the townhall.

If you have questions about the ALTA TRID Townhall, email Wayne Stanley, ALTA’s director of public affairs.

Following the conversation, the panel will answer questions live from Facebook and Twitter. Use the hashtag #ALTAtownhall to follow the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. 


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Good morning! Facebook is outlawed at our office, however I would like to tune into your TRID Townhall. Is there any way that you could also livestream, or possibly record and then post a non-facebook link to this presentation on your website? If so, it would be greatly appreciated.

We also do not allow Facebook in our office too (I imagine you will find that to be the case with many offices due to preventing virus attacks, as well as maintaining proper internal workflow production). Is it possible for ALTA to do a livestream and/or record the townhall meeting and have it posted on ALTA's website so that our office may be able to access the meeting?

Thanks for the info about companies not allowing access to Facebook. We are working on a solution. Stay tuned! Also, the Townhall will be recorded.

For those not able to access Facebook, the livestream of the TRID Townhall can be accessed here: http://original.livestream.com/altaonline.

As a reminder, the townhall begins today (Tuesday, July 28) at 11 a.m. ET.

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