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How to Use ALTA’s Homebuyer Guide: Rack Cards

ALTA created the Homebuyer Guide to help members easily communicate the benefit of owner’s title insurance. The Homebuyer Guide includes more than 60 marketing resources available for direct-to-consumer communication. These materials are available to members.

In this post, we focus on how you can use the various rack cards that are available. What is a rack card? These documents are used for advertising, frequently in convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, rest areas and other locations that get significant foot traffic. Rack cards typically have an appealing graphic design and are 4-by-9 inches in size.

ALTA has created three rack cards available to members to provide to consumers and real estate partners. Click here to view all the material available in the Homebuyer Guide.

The FAQs of Title Insurance for Homebuyers

How to Use: This rack card can be displayed in the closing office or real estate office, or be hand delivered when meeting with homebuyers. Below is the top of the front of this card:



10 Steps to Buy Your Home with Confidence

How to Use: Real estate agents can use “The Homebuyer Checklist: 10 Steps to Buy Your Home with Confidence” PowerPoint in conjunction with this rack card. It can also be displayed in the real estate office. An example of the to half of the back of this rack card is below:



You Sweat the Small Stuff

How to Use: Pin this to the company fridge, share it with a fellow title professional or use it as a guide for remembering the top three things you give homebuyers. Below is what the top of this marketing piece looks like:



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