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5 Reasons to Explain Owner’s Title Insurance to a Seller



By Joe Grabas, Lynn Hightower-Moore and Elizabeth Wysong-Berg

Join the HOP Players in the interactive production of the timeless Western, “Pale Closer.” In this story, the mysterious, but informative, Pale Closer helps to protect Ms. Sarah Seller and Ms. Bonnie Buyer from bad advice being given about the importance of an Owner’s Policy being provided in a seller pay state.

We will explore ways your agency can effectively communicate to the Owner and Seller the importance of the owners policy, why early communication eases the stress of a sale, how communication about owners policies protects your agency, and ways to handle the “optional” discussion. All of this leads to peace of mind for all parties and potential additional business for your agency.

Will Sarah agree to pay for Bonnie’s Owner’s Policy? Will Bonnie understand what was purchased for her?  Will Pale Closer be able to provide everyone with a peace of mind? Come find out with us!

Joe Grabas is Director of Grabas Institute for Continuing Education. He can be reached at jgrabas@continuingeducationnj.com. Lynn Hightower-Moore is Managing Member of Common Bond Title, LLC. She can be reached at Lynn@CommonBondTitle.com. Elizabeth Wysong-Berg is NE Region Underwriting Counsel of Agents National Title Insurance Company. She can be reached at eberg@agentstitle.com. Grabas, Hightower-Moore and Wysong-Berg will speak more in depth about this topic during a session titled "5 Reasons to Explain Owner's Title Insurance to a Seller" during ALTA's Annual Convention. Click here to register.


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