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Engaging an Evolving Customer



By Cynthia McGovern and Linda Grahovec

When it comes to effective sales performance, relying on what you did 10 years ago … five years ago … or even LAST year just doesn’t cut it anymore.

That’s not because YOU aren’t as good as you used to be (remember, you’re getting better, not older!), but the world of buying and selling is changing at an incredibly rapid pace.

We’re not just talking about selling to new generational groups like Millennials. ALL of our customers are evolving, in their needs, their diversity, their knowledge and their sophistication.

They are better educated than any previous consumer group, and expect to be able to engage with you at every step within the transaction—you need to be ready! 

They use social media to seek out peer reviews and advice before making even the simplest purchase decision. If you’re not using these tools effectively, you’re likely to get “swiped left” and left behind.

Your customer groups are changing before your eyes, demographically as well as behaviorally. You need to be able to move smoothly from Baby Boomers through Generations X, Y, and Z—and whoever comes next!

You need to understand gender differences in the marketplace, as well as cultural diversity and how it impacts buyer behavior, not to mention the growing roles that family and community play in the process.  

And perhaps most importantly, you need to stay abreast of advances in technology, especially the tools your customers use to communicate. 

Your company’s digital presence has become far more important than its storefront.  Is your website current, and accessible to users on any device? Does it reinforce your brand?

Are you using social media to your advantage? How do your customers interact through the platforms you use. How do you respond?

Your sales process needs to evolve right along with your customer base. Creating, building, sustaining and maintaining relationships, as well as cultivating business with EVERY type of customer, has never been more critical.

Are you ready to take a big step forward in your customer relationship management?  Make “Engaging an Evolving Customer” a must-see at ALTA 2016!

Cynthia McGovern is president of Orange Leaf Consulting. She can be reached at [email protected]. Linda Grahovec is vice president of Communications, Education, and Marketing at Fidelity National Title Group. She can be reached at [email protected]. McGovern and Grahovec will speak more in depth about this topic during a session titled "Engaging an Evolving Customer" during ALTA's Annual Convention. Click here to register.


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