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It’s Getting Easier to Speak Our Customers’ Language

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By  Sandra Bell, Bill Burding and Laura Francesconi

What would you do if your doctor told you it’s important to ingest an 81mg non-steroidal anti-inflammatory on a quotidian basis to inhibit myocardial infarction or a transient ischemic event? You’d thank her profusely, wouldn’t you? Probably not, unless you did some work to realize that she’d told you to take a low-dose aspirin daily to prevent heart attack or stroke.

It’s probably similar to what a homebuyer hears when they’re told that the title search and exam process identified adverse recorded interests on their property for which we are taking curative action and that the subsequent policy we will provide will grant indemnification against financial loss caused by an interest, defect, lien or encumbrance not included as a specific exception. Yup, like that.

That’s why our industry is working hard to help consumers understand what an owner’s title policy is and really does for them. As part of ALTA’s Homebuyer Outreach Program (HOP), we’re working together to help people better understand why the policy they’re buying is of value and importance. By using simple ways to communicate this, and by offering straightforward educational tools that you can quickly access, use and brand, helping homebuyers realize the benefit of an owner’s policy is getting simpler.

Come join us to talk about how we can all easily share with homebuyers the risks we reduce and the property rights we protect, and what customizable tools are available to you. Then, together, we can all start to speak our homebuyers’ language.

Sandra Bell is vice president of Marketing and Communications at First American Title Insurance Company. She can be reached at [email protected]. Bill Burding is executive vice president and general counsel of Orange Coast Title Company. He can be reached at [email protected]. Laura Francesconi is senior vice president of Meridian Title Corporation. She can be reached at [email protected]. Bell, Burding, and Francesconi will speak more in depth about this topic during a session titled "Find-Buy-Protect: Explaining the Importance of Owner’s Title Insurance" during ALTA's Annual Convention. Click here to register.


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