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The Future of the Title Company



By George Holler and Dan Mennenoh

Any small-sized title agency will tell you, it’s all about your people. The big firms have the decisive edge when it comes to marketing dollars, MBA management and high-end technology, but you have something they don’t—the personal service that your people provide. We are getting it from all sides, including greater regulation, higher compliance costs and squeezed margins. Smaller firms need to double down on the real value they bring to the market, and that value rests with your own people. 

This session will lead you through the successful strategies we have used to create teams that work.  Dan Mennenoh ITP, is president of H.B. Wilkinson Title Co. An ALTA Board Governor and ALTA president-elect, Mr. Mennenoh has been in the title insurance business for over 34 years. He is a second-generation title professional and his daughter, Devon Irby, is now the third generation in the family business. Their company has nine locations that service northwest Illinois, southwest Wisconsin and much of Iowa. 

Attorney George Holler is the managing partner at Holler Law Firm LLC.  A frequent contributor to the Connecticut Law Tribune, Holler has spoken at national real estate conferences, participated in the drafting of the Uniform Law Commission’s Home Foreclosure Procedures Act, and currently manages a multi-state law firm which primarily services national title agencies in attorney states.

Getting the most from your team requires open communication, leadership and enrollment. Your team needs to believe in what you do as a company and understand how they contribute to the company’s success. One generation of title professionals is reaching retirement—how will you replace your key performers?  A new generation approaches work with a different world view—how will you maximize the strengths of these millennials and incorporate their differences?  In this one-hour session, Mennenoh and Holler will share how they have shifted the cultures of their organizations—what’s working and what’s not. You will learn, from their own experiences, how they retain key employees and on board new staff.      

George Holler and Dan Mennenoh will speak more in depth about this topic during a session titled "The Future of the Title Company" during ALTA's Annual Convention. Click here to register.


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I would like to have an email copy of this topic if it will be available as I will be unable to attend.

I would like to have an email copy of this topic if it will be available as I will be unable to attend. Great topic!!

It is great to know the future of our closing companies Ashburn in Virginia. It helps us to be more focused and grounded. Thank you for sharing your updates. I am excited to read more articles from your expert team.

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