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How to Market Your Title Company Like Beer


What in the world does beer have to do with title insurance?

In the early 1940s, Schlitz beer company was one of the least popular beers in the country. So they brought in a legendary marketer, Claude Hopkins, to tour the factory and create a new advertising campaign for them.

Schlitz showed him how they had dug their own wells to get the cleanest water, even though most other brewers used water from Lake Michigan at the time.

They showed him the cooling rooms with filtered air and how they sterilized the bottles not once, not twice, but four times before filling them with beer.

At the end of the tour, he asked why Schlitz wasn’t telling people about all of the ways they make quality beer in their marketing. Their reply was simple: Every brewery makes beer the same way. Hopkins’ predicted that the first brewery to tell people about it would gain a huge advantage over other companies. 

Within a year Schlitz was No. 1 in the country and remained first or second until the 1970s.

With all of the new regulations, the same is true in the title business. Just because everyone has to be compliant doesn’t mean they are using it to effectively market their services.

  1. Best Practices Certified alone isn’t enough: Is your website secure? Do you backup your data offsite? Do you have a clean desk policy? If so, don’t just tell your customers and prospects that you are “ALTA Best Practices Certified.” It’s likely they don’t know what that means. Instead, show them and explain to them why you take extra precautions with their data. For example, you might instead say, "with all of the cyber fraud today, we take extra precautions to safeguard your information," and then list the ways you've implemented best practices.
  2. Mobile website: 86 percent of Facebook's traffic and 55 percent of Google searches now come from mobile devices. Google even penalizes company websites that do not re-format properly on mobile phones by bumping them to the bottom of the search rankings. According to Moz, Google is expected to give even more priority to mobile friendly websites in 2017.
  3. Video rules: YouTube is the second largest search engine for a reason. Video is easier and more enjoyable to consume than text. In fact, 78 percent of people watch web videos at least once per week. Use video on your website to rank higher in search and in social media to explain topics like TRID or Closing Disclosures.
  4. Directory sites: Third-party sites like Yelp, Google Places and Zillow not only often rank higher than your website, they also already have their own traffic, mobile apps and star ratings. Having a listing and a few reviews on these sites makes your brand easier to find and gives you more opportunities for people to do business with you.
  5. Utilize Facebook: Facebook is one of the world's most active websites, and has over 1.7 billion active users, according to CNN. Instead of posting about recent closings, offer to take a picture of your clients at the closing table with their camera phone and then ask them to tag your company in any posts related to their home purchase. Since a home purchase is an emotional post, it is likely to stay active for multiple days—giving you organic exposure and free marketing to all of their In addition, use Facebook's advertising platform to promote your page, website, and events you might be hosting. Their ad platform even lets you target very specific demographics such as "millennials who are in the market to purchase a home within 20 miles of your office that also make over $75,000 a year" for example.
  6. Stay Top-of-Mind: Have you ever found a product on Amazon or a car on a dealership's website, only to see that product or car advertised in your Facebook news feed or on some other website? This is remarketing (also called retargeting). It is a very effective yet underutilized way for you to stay top of mind among real estate agents, lenders, buyers and sellers because you are only advertising to people who are familiar with you and most likely to use your services.

Eliot Dill is co-founder of Title Tap, which provides turn-key websites and marketing tools for title agents and real estate attorneys. To learn more ways on how to effectively market your company, visit www.titletap.com/articles


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