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ALTAprints Adds Training Materials and Door Hangers

To bring more value to members, ALTA has added training materials and door hangers that can be customized and printed from ALTAprints.

ALTA_Doorhangers_Page_5The door hangers work great for use with real estate agents and to help grow your For Sale By Owner (FSBO) market. The door hangers are available immediately.

Additionally, ALTAprints recently added training materials for use with staff, real estate agents, builders and lenders. These training worksheets help you walk through the benefits of title insurance, identify the jargon used by others in the real estate transaction and introduce more effective language to explain owner’s title insurance. The training materials are available in dry-erase format for an evergreen and interactive education experience. Title Insurance FAQs Worksheet-1

If you need help accessing these materials or want ideas on how to implement anything on ALTAprints, email Wayne Stanley, ALTA’s director of public affairs.

ALTAprints is ALTA’s online portal for its Homebuyer Outreach Program (HOP) where members can print, customize and download education materials. Please log in with your ALTA ID and password and agree to the Terms of Service to begin. Not an ALTA member? Click here or email [email protected] to get started today.



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