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Building the Right Foundation for Your Team

By James M. Czapiga 

Leading by example.  Change comes from the top. Behavior breeds behavior. We’ve heard these kinds of sayings before. But what does it truly mean to change the culture of an organization from one that’s “process or rules focused” to one where the focus is solely on the stakeholder? How is that done?

 “Changing company culture requires a movement, not a mandate.”
- Harvard Business Review

In our session, we will discuss how everyday actions of a company’s leadership team can help transform a company’s culture to focus on achieving goals by walking the walk and talking the talk. Create the movement!

Core values, bottom-up communication and transparency, employee empowerment, polling of stakeholders on improving interactions with the company, and ways to unleash the power and potential of employees will be the topics covered in this interactive session.  


A 20-year veteran of the title industry James M. Czapiga has experience in claims administration, underwriting, sale, and operations management. Currently, he is the President and CEO of CATIC. Czapiga will speak more in depth about this topic during a session titled “Building the Right Foundation for Your Team” at ALTA ONE in October. Click here to register for ALTA ONE.


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