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Convert Your Customers into Influencers

By Elizabeth M. Russo

Have you claimed your business on YELP? Do you have consistent feedback from customers online? Do you know the most effective strategies for obtaining reviews from your best customers?

We can all easily name the customers who regularly refer us business and tell their colleagues why they love our team, but how can we get this same recognition online?  81% of the US population has a social media profile and over 70% of consumers trust peer review sites. It is a necessity for modern businesses to build their presence online through the same word of mouth connections that have helped them for years.

Managing your online presence is essential in today’s world. Failing to engage on social media leaves an impression that you don’t care what your customers think about your service.  You could even be completely unaware of negative feedback circulating about your business. Promoting your positive business connections online puts you in control of your businesses reputation.

“When we are closed to ideas, what we hear is criticism. When we are open to criticism, what we get is advice.”

–Simon Sinek, best-selling author

Social media marketing is still new for many title professionals who spend their day resolving title issues.  That’s why a successful marketing plan must include the participation of all team members, not just the dedicated “sales people”.  For a business to thrive, the entire team should be engaged with customers in all platforms.

During thisALTA ONE engagement lab, we hope to bring title professionals together to share advice on engaging with your customers, asking for reviews, responding to negative reviews, and maximizing the benefits of having loyal and happy customers advocate on your behalf!


Elizabeth Russo is the managing member of MCP Title Services, LLC and has a passion for helping title professionals meet the needs of today’s customers. Russo will speak more in depth about this topic during a session titled “Convert Your Customers into Influencers” at ALTA ONE in October. Click here to register for ALTA ONE.


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