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Commercial Real Estate Trends

By Nancy Landmark and James Thanasules

Picture this: Four dogs running full speed, careening across the dog park. Suddenly, one turns left faster than the others could anticipate. The other dog owner’s and I watch on in awe as that unexpected left turn creates a giant dog pile consisting of two hounds, a collie and a great pyrenees. I distinctly remember how each dog reacted to the collision differently, and each had a very different outcome (don’t worry, all four are fine today).

In many ways, watching this collision unfold was not unlike watching the forces that affect commercial real estate transactions.  These forces include political and regulatory uncertainty, generational changes that affect the location and makeup of commercial development, increasing foreign investment due to relative market stability, and volatility of energy markets.  Where these trends intersect lies great opportunity – and risk – in the commercial real estate market, commercial title insurance, and in closing sectors.

Stepping into the maelstrom of commercial real estate can be like stepping in to sort out that dog pile.  It can appear chaotic and occasionally indecipherable, but in the end, things come together and the deal moves forward.  Ultimately, commercial real estate transactions turn on managed risk – for buyers, sellers, lenders and title folks.  Most, though not all, participants in these transactions are well versed in the general process and expectations.  Most have a good understanding of real estate – or at least their focused aspect of real estate. 

The commercial title insurance and closing team need to have a solid understanding of their role in a transaction and the ability to help sort out the collisions when they occur.  That way everyone walks away from closing, feeling good and running strong.


Nancy Landmark is a VP and Senior Title Counsel at Commercial Partners Title, LLC. James Thanasules is SVP and Chief New York State Counsel at AmTrust Title Insurance Company. Both industry experts will speak more in depth about this topic during a session titled “Commercial Real Estate Trends" at ALTA ONE in October. Click here to register for ALTA ONE.


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