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Drowning Consumers: How HOP Can Help you to Educate the Consumer!

By Patrick Harris and Elizabeth Wysong Berg

“So, Phil, what do you do for a living?”

It’s the dreaded question that comes up during every summer barbeque, cocktail party, and family gathering. A friend, family member, or new acquaintance asks what you do at your workplace. And, as always, you’re drowning. How in the world do you explain the complicated world of title and escrow that you live every day?

For other real estate professionals, the question comes from their clients: “What is title? What is escrow?” Yet again, words escape you and your customers are drowning too! What do you do?

Look no further than “Drowning Consumers: How HOP Can Help You Educate the Consumer,” one of the many engaging sessions at ALTA’s national convention, ALTA ONE.  Led by Elizabeth Berg and Patrick Harris, this workshop will help you kick off the floaties, and better explain title and escrow to beleaguered consumers as well as other real estate professionals.

Here’s a sneak peek into this cutting-edge presentation:

  • Master Talking Points for real estate professionals to explain title and escrow in short, simple terms
  • Discover the Four Words that perfectly explain title and escrow to John and Jane Smith
  • Learn about Marketing and Sales Techniques that cut through the noise and present your company loud and proud
  • Revisit ALTA’s Homeowner Outreach Program
  • Be the first to see the latest, greatest and Newest HOP Materials and campaigns (trust us, you’ll love it)
  • See, hear, and touch Real Life Examples of Title and Escrow companies who implement the HOP program and have increased their market share
  • A dynamic, conversational presentation that invites questions, discussion, and great ideas

Don’t swim against the current as you struggle to explain the ins and outs of the real estate process. Attend “Drowning Consumers” and swim confidently with the current of knowledge. Then, the next time someone asks about title and escrow, you’ll know exactly to say.


Patrick Harris is currently working for Western Title Company, where he specializes in communications with realtors and consumers in their home-buying process. Elizabeth Wysong Berg is the Northeast Region Underwriting Counsel at Agents National Title Insurance Company. Both industry experts will speak more in depth about this topic during a session titled, "Consumers: How HOP Can Help you to Educate the Consumer!” at ALTA ONE in October. Click here to register now.


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