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The Key to Innovation Is Locked Up In Your Culture

By Brad Miller

Think for a minute about the number of times someone enhanced and improved a process by doing the same ol’ same ol.’ Having trouble? Not surprising.

It’s too easy to cling to what’s familiar; to a mundane environment with no innovative approach and an attachment to “doing things this way because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” But the real estate industry is changing and growing like never before with things like blockchain, e-closing, mortgages on your phone. There are even homes being purchased with cryptocurrency.

It takes an open, forward-thinking vision toward innovation to be a leader in the industry. But how the culture of a team is shaped determines how well equipped that team will be in making that vision a reality. Transformative ideas are not grown in silos, they are the collaborative product that come from empowering people to explore unfamiliar territory. No matter how big or how small your team or company is, fostering an innovative culture hinges on promoting an environment, not just of curiosity, but of trust.

Whether it’s a small piece in the process that increases efficiency, or a new service that takes your company to the next level, innovation and your obsession with it will unleash your company’s successes, and is vital for keeping up with where the industry is headed.

Do you feel that your team has an atmosphere that is open to new ways of thinking or have they ventured into complacency? If you find yourself in the latter, challenge yourself to evaluate where your vision is taking you and how your culture aligns with that course. By clearing a path that supports an obsession with finding a better way, you’re helping shape the direction of the industry and how it will affect the future of the title and settlement experience. 

Remember, innovation at its core is thinking differently about the world around you; the key to accessing that vision starts with a culture of curiosity and trust.

Brad Miller, vice president of title operations for Amrock Inc., and Thomas Lico of Capital Title Insurance Agency will speak more in depth about this topic during the session titled “Building a Culture of Innovation” at ALTA ONE. Click here to register.


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