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Wisconsin Title Industry Veteran Going Strong at the Age of 90

NichoyerNo matter what the industry, a full-time job can be stressful, exhausting, frustrating, and can cause even the most optimistic of employees to dream of retirement. Many count down the days until they are finally free of the seemingly endless cycle of work weeks that eventually start to blend together making it challenging to remember what day of the week it is. Striving for the minimum amount of working years before retirement has become a normal occurrence in our society today, however there are always exceptions. These are the people that break away from this norm and let their passion and dedication for their careers drive their success long past age 65. Nic Hoyer, full-time examiner and owner of Wisconsin Title Services, is one of these exceptions. Despite having celebrated his 90th birthday on Sept. 16, 2018, Hoyer continues to come into the office each day ready to work.

On a typical day, Hoyer strolls through the front doors of Wisconsin Title Services and greets his employees with a smile on his face before grabbing the daily paper and a stack of files to get straight to work in his office. It has been over 70 years since starting in the title industry, and still Nic continues to be an integral part of the family business. His dedication and involvement in his company are apparent to all of his employees who on a daily basis can find Hoyer in various departments within the office either working on files or helping others by sharing knowledge he has gained from his years of experience in the industry. As an owner of a company to be accessible can be challenging, but Hoyer puts forth the effort to be in his office Monday through Friday during normal work hours with his door open to create a collaborative and welcoming environment for all employees. This demonstrates his commitment and passion for Wisconsin Title Services. Hoyer could have easily retired a long time ago; however, he remains right in the middle of the action working alongside instead of above his employees in order to provide an example of the level of dedication it takes to be successful.

Hoyer’s long and prestigious history in the industry began in 1946. He followed in the footsteps of his father, William, working part time with him to operate the Kenosha County Abstract Company while also attending college. While stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training Center as a statistician after college, Hoyer continued to work with his father now helping out at the new business, Wisconsin Title Services, despite his commute between Kenosha and Great Lakes. Even straight out of college it was clear that Nic demonstrated a very rare level of work ethic and dedication to his family business. This continued to develop through his years at the company and eventually he took over for William and continues to serve as both examiner and an owner to this day, along with his daughter and son-in-law.

Along with Hoyer’s many accomplishments as owner of Wisconsin Title Services, he has served the title industry and demonstrated his leadership skills in many different roles. He is a past president of the Wisconsin Land Title Association (WLTA). His efforts and dedication to this organization were recognized in 1997 when he was awarded Member of the Year. Hoyer also served ALTA’s Board of Governors, served as Director of the Milwaukee Board of Realtors for 12 years and was a board member at the Blue Mound Country Club for six years. Hoyer played a vital role in all of these prestigious organizations while still upholding his dedication to his own business.

Hoyer continues to provide valuable leadership by example through his strong work ethic and commitment to his company and employees. Long after he began working part time with his father, Wisconsin Title Services remains a family company. His daughter, Carrie Hoyer, currently serves as treasurer/secretary, but has seen every aspect of the family business and therefore utilizes her knowledge and leadership skills to meet the needs of all customers. Mark Ciborowski, daughter Chris’ husband, has also become a key piece to the success of the company. He has been a part of Wisconsin Title since 1975, and he continues to provide valuable expertise on the commercial side of business by serving as the current vice president. Not only has Nic Hoyer inspired his own family to continue his legacy with Wisconsin Title Services, but he inspires his employees and the title Insurance community each and every day by proving that age has no impact on a person’s dedication to their passion.


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