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Cyber Snipers are After Your Clients: Protect Them or Pay the Price


By Bill Burding and Todd Sexton

Cyber criminals target with sniper like precision. The safeguards adopted in recent years may not be sufficient to thwart these attacks. As you advance internal security measures, your clients become the target; however, your business may end up paying the price. Learn how to educate your clients, enhance organizational security and protect yourself against litigation.

Real estate professionals are advancing security protocols within their organization; cyber criminals are becoming more strategic with their assaults. They are infiltrating and accessing the information by attacking your clients directly. Understand recent attacks, recognize client vulnerabilities and how you can take a proactive role in the prevention of cyber-crime.  Your fiduciary responsibility may extend beyond your organization and could be impacted at every touch point of the transaction.  

The sophistication of these attacks has taken on a new life; security protocols must advance at a greater rate than the methods of infiltration. Discover how the methods of security may not be meeting the minimum standards recommended to foil these attacks.

Take the necessary steps to educate your clients in the prevention of cyber fraud, as well as providing the correct method of secure access to clients preventing email related fraud.

ALTA is helping its members combat wire fraud. Learn about the ALTA Marketplace and the benefits of the newly formed Coalition to Prevent Real Estate Wire Fraud. The session will also help you understand the benefits of penetration software and insurance to form a multi-pronged approach in the protection of your business.

Learn about recent legal cases and understand some of the pitfalls professionals just like you have encountered causing your business to become compromised. Find out what can you do to limit your liability if you are involved in a legal action.

Finally, learn if there are currently gaps in your security protocols. Understand the most comprehensive ways to protect client information in transit and at rest. Know the benefits of penetration software and blockchain technology. Determine if the standards you have in place are currently adequate.

Bill Burding NTP of Orange Coast Title Company and Todd Sexton of Identillect Technologies will lead a session titled “Preparing for Cyber Attacks” at ALTA ONE in Austin, Texas. Click here to register.


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