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Better Than 20/20 Vision: A Blueprint for Profitable Growth


By Cindy McGovern

How many times have you sat in the optometrist’s chair and heard that endless series of questions: “Is this one better? How about this one? Now, how about this?”

It’s not that different from settling down to write your annual strategic business plan. “Would this strategy be better? Should I spend more? Who should be responsible? Now, how about this?”

The one thing both activities have in common is VISION. And despite how impatient you might get looking at endless details from every perspective, it’s a critical part of creating a successful plan. Because unless you’re seeing clearly, you’re not likely to ever get where you’re going.

At the 2019 ALTA ONE, we’ll be talking about just that. And to help you see things clearly, we’ve framed six steps to successful growth planning around that VISION. Here’s your eye chart:

  • Verify who you are: affirm your mission and reason for being
  • Integrate it into a plan: establish your goals and metrics
  • Strategize using your strengths: know your SWOT
  • Identify your team: maximize your human resources
  • Organize and activate: bring your plan to life!
  • Never forget to measure: review and evaluate your success

A good plan should function like the right pair of glasses or contacts—it should bring things into focus and keep you moving in the right direction.

But it doesn’t do you any good sitting on the shelf. That’s why we’ll be spending as much or more time on how to bring your plan to life, get the right people involved, and watch its progress carefully. 

Plans, like eye prescriptions, need to change regularly, and sometimes frequently. And as such, regular check-ups are essential because in today’s competitive and dynamic environment, you can’t afford anything less than 20/20 vision.

It’s time to start seeing the future of your business more clearly and planning accordingly. You can create a blueprint for profitable growth, and we’ll show you how.

See you at ALTA ONE!

Cynthia McGovern Orange Leaf Consulting and Rich Griffin of North American Title Insurance Co. will lead a session titled “Better than 20/20 Vision: A Blueprint for Profitable Growth,” at ALTA ONE in Austin, Texas. Click here to register.


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