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Developing Your Leadership Talent


By Beth Burbage

Would you like to be able to go on vacation (insert tropical island, cozy mountain retreat, or your dream spot here), and not worry about how your organization is running in your absence? How about being able to leave at the end of the day when everyone else leaves, vs. being the person who turns out the lights every night? What about sleeping well at night knowing that you don’t have to fret over all the details of the business? Oh, and who’s going to take over the business when you sail off into the sunset??

In speaking with many leaders over the years, these are some of the things that they think about and long to do, but don’t know how to get to the place where their team can manage independently while they are away, no matter how short (or long) the timeframe.


Instead of posting a “help wanted” ad on your company’s bulletin board, come to this ALTA ONE Engagement Lab to join the discussion. We’ll be talking about the key traits and skills to look for in potential leaders in your organization. And as you’ve probably already figured out by now, it’s not always the person who is the highest performing person in your organization!

We will also tackle what your role is in helping to develop the folks you identify as your future leadership talent. Sorry, you can’t wave a magic wand or send them off to a leadership bootcamp somewhere to get them instantly ready to lead! Part of your responsibility is to determine what they will need to continue to work on, and you will be coaching and supporting them along the way. When you attend this Engagement Lab be prepared for a lively discussion and to receive some resources to take back with you to help you be successful.

Beth Burbage of First American Title Insurance Co. will lead a session titled “Developing Your Leadership Talent,” at ALTA ONE in Austin, Texas. Click here to register.


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