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Maintain Culture as Your Company Changes


Congratulations! You’ve done the hard part; you swiped left and right so many times that you now have tendonitis of the wrist, but it was all worth it for the newest professional you have attracted to your team. But, wait? Was that really the hard part? Are you prepared to get through the 90 days of dating your newest, shiniest team member? Have you created an action plan for success so intuitively structured around your company’s culture that when the euphoria wears off, you don’t have to fill this role again?  

Swiping left and right at random isn’t a winning strategy for finding what you really want. Instead, we should find what truly fits rather than what fits for the moment. Finding what you want requires an intentional strategy that includes learning to let go of the options that simply won’t work. 

What’s your strategy to protect yourself, your image and your company when what was once shiny and new walks out the door onto their next adventure and you’re left holding it all together? We plan responses to clients on why they should choose to work with us. We plan responses to potential talent on why we’re the best fit. We even plan responses to defend our culture and business practices. And yet, we are never prepared to be our own publicist when we “consciously uncouple.”

We know it’s rough out there. The title industry is not much different than the dating scene. We poach and cannibalize while daters ghosts and troll. But perhaps all of this is an opportunity to be better tomorrow than we are today. Join us in this engagement lab to have a conversation about how to maintain a strong culture of collaboration and communication as we navigate both good and difficult change in our companies.

Julie McConnell of Mid-States Title Insurance Agency and Andi Bolin of Celebrity Title Company will address this topic during the education session titled “Maintain Culture as your Company Changes” at ALTA ONE in Austin, Texas. Click here to register.


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