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Redefine Your Customer Experience

Customer service

By Kosta Ligris

We are living in an exciting time of rapid innovation and disruption occurring in financial services, real estate and lending. And although we are constantly reading about buzzwords and terms like “Artificial Intelligence,” “Machine Learning” and “Blockchain”—one thing that has remained constant is customer service and creating a better experience for our customers and consumers.

Why do companies resist have a strategy on customer experience? Not having a strategy is a strategy, but one that I seriously advise that you re-consider. I can’t help but wonder what it was like to be Blockbuster Video, sitting back and watching Netlfix grow. How many retailers are now scrambling to react to Amazon? Countless examples exist of organizations that were unwilling to face the reality that the world changes—and that change velocity is faster than ever. It is certainly overwhelming to keep up with all the new products, services and platforms, but having a clear plan and vision of what type of organization you want to be is the first step to preventing your Blockbuster destiny.  

In this ALTA ONE Engagement Lab we will discuss how you Redefine (or in many cases – “Define”) Your Customer Experience. We will do this using an engagement workshops that asks lots of questions of ourselves and each other. Some questions to start thinking about include:

  • What are your organizations core values and how do they align with the expectations of your customers?
  • What does a strategy that focuses on the customer look like?
  • Why do we tend to get comfortable and complacent?
  • How do you measure & quantify success in customer experience?
  • What tools and platforms create the most efficiency and value?
  • How do you research what is important for your customers?
  • How do you translate your research, feedback and metrics into actionable items?
  • What are the greatest barriers to changing your customer experience?
  • Can you think of examples of companies or industries that have delivered an exceptional customer experience for you? (don’t just think providers for your business)
  • How do you blend greater efficiency for your team with a better customer experience? Can these two things co-exist? Why or Why Not?

Kosta Ligris, founder of the Ligris family of companies and an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will address this topic during the education session titled “Redefine Your Customer Experience” at ALTA ONE in Austin, Texas. Click here to register.


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