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Your Office Is a Good Fit for Millennials


Show. Don’t tell.

Your words have more value when you use them to show people—especially job seekers—everything your company is about. Job posting phrases like “competitive benefits” “paid vacation” and the ever-generic “growth opportunity available” don’t move the needle these days for any employer, much less a company in an industry that outsiders know little about!

Don’t believe all the warnings you’ve heard about younger workers. They’re ready to work harder and smarter for you; they just want to know what they’re signing up for first. Your culture is probably more millennial-friendly than you think anyway. You care about your customers and communities, and want your workers to thrive. You just don’t know how to broadcast the message yet.

Fix your failure to communicate. You just need the tools to attract the best millennial workers who will embrace everything you stand for while propelling your business forward. Otherwise, how will they know how great a career in title can be?

At ALTA ONE during the education session “8 Legit Ways to Market Your Culture to Humans Under 40,” you’ll learn plenty of tips to help your company better connect with the generation of workers that will help you ride out the “silver tsunami.” Leslie, who heads up the compliance department at SoftPro, works remotely and believes that offering a flexible work environment and strong company culture are two important benefits companies can offer their employees.

Wayne, a pesky millennial himself who bought his car online without even test-driving it first (the horror!), has spent years helping title professionals talk to the modern customer, first as a part of ALTA and now as the founder of his own marketing firm. And he hates when you define your customer experience as “full-service.” #sorrynotsorry. Again, you should show your customers what the heck that means to you with just a few extra words.    

Wayne Stanley of Bowe Digital and Leslie Wyatt of SoftPro will address this topic during the education session titled “8 Legit Ways to Market Your Culture to Humans Under 40” at ALTA ONE in Austin, Texas. Click here to register.


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