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ALTA Promotes Industry in USA Today America Responds Special Edition

ALTA_USA TODAY AdIn the midst of all the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, one thing is certain. The land title insurance industry has truly stepped up.

To promote the industry during this trying time, ALTA was included in the USA Today America Responds special edition that recognizes businesses and industries that have remained resilient during this pandemic to deliver for its customers and keep the nation moving forward. It’s the publication’s salute to those Americans making a real difference--whether they're essentials, creating safer ways to work and shop, opening their hearts and wallets or just offering moral support.

ALTA's ad can be found on page 85. 

In addition to the countless ways in which ALTA members are donating and volunteering to efforts in their communities, they also have developed innovative and safe ways to continue to make the American Dream come true. From drive-thru to digital closings, the industry’s dedication is allowing families to close on new homes or take advantage of low interest rates by refinancing their mortgages.

“There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the meaning of what we have come to know as ‘home,’” said Diane Tomb, ALTA’s chief executive officer. “In the wake of the pandemic, ‘home’ has now become an office, a school to our children and the heartbeat of a family’s sense of security. We are proud of our members for how they responded during this challenging time.”

The ad highlights the different roles ALTA members take when advocating for a homebuyer or seller. But one title encapsulates their true role: protection. Land title insurance professionals are responsible for protecting homebuyers, sellers, and business owners from risks that could impact the purchase of a new property, including wire transfer fraud, hidden liens and other critical threats.

“ALTA members, as title professionals, are the guardians of the American Dream,” Tomb said. “We want everyone to know about the people who are dedicated to making sure that families can still open the door to their dream of owning a home.”

ALTA and its more than 6,400 member companies—which operate in every county of the United States—strive to keep everyone healthy and safe every single day with dedication and purpose.

The USA Today America Responds special edition will be available side-by-side the daily USA TODAY throughout the country where newspapers are sold. Some of the major brands participating include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Walmart, Kroger, Lowe’s and Verizon. More than 10 million readers will receive a link via email providing a complete shareable digital copy of the publication. Feeding America, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Direct Relief, Americares, Goodwill Industries, The Salvation Army, and United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will include a digital copy of the publication directly into the news feed of their social media channels.




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