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Good Deeds: ALTA Member Continues Acts of Kindness

Aaron_davis_chainsawIn 2021, ALTA member Aaron Davis became dubbed the “chainsaw man” for his efforts to come to the aid of those impacted by winter storms that created a power crisis in Harper, Texas, leaving more than 4.5 million homes and businesses without power. (The ALTA Good Deeds Foundation provided a $5,000 emergency grant to Harper Volunteer Fire Department last year).

Davis, CEO of Florida Agency Network, took a leave of absence from his company and volunteered in Harper to cut downed tree limbs and clear brush. He helped purchase chainsaws and other items to help the community.

A year later after a chance interaction with an old friend from his hometown, Davis heard about people helping fellow Floridians following the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Davis soon was leading the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief unit, which had boots on the ground in Port Charlotte, Fla.

Davis talked with his brother, Aaron, and the two decided to help with the cleanup and purchased 30 chainsaws.

Stationed at Murdock Baptist Church, the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief unit prepared more than 70,000 meals for those in need within a week of the storm’s impact. Hundreds of volunteers helped provide food, shelter, water and labor — running chainsaws, cleaning up debris, tarping roofs and much more.

“Just seeing all the stories come in and I’m like, ‘oh my gosh, we’re used to hurricanes, this is way worse than a hurricane,’” Aaron told 10 Tampa Bay. “This is a hurricane followed by seven days of freezing. You’re not going to necessarily drown or get hit by a flying object, but you’re going to freeze to death.”

Because of their efforts, the Davis brothers were features in People magazine and were featured on an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show.


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